Meeting the electrifying Arola at J W Marriott, Mumbai was such a delight. He spoke about everything from his Ctalonian food passion, his bikes, tattoos and love for India.


A chat with Two Michelin-starred Spanish Chef Sergi Arola at Arola restaurant and bar at the J. W. Marriott hotel in Juhu, spilled beans on his culinary magic and much more. Arola, has  trained under the renowned Ferran Adria and Michelin-starred  French chef Pierre Gagnaire. He has restaurants in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris.

I met him to chat about his highlights in the menu and guage his choices in accomodating flavours from across his travel diaries.


He way quick to talk about Indian sensibilities at Arola, J W Marriott ,Mumbai

 My aim is to surprise the Indian patrons with the magic of  European cuisine designed especially for their  palate. While they, themselves are  very well traveled and are increasingly experimental with their palate, not much of a twist is actually required. Spanish Catalan cuisine is a blend of robust flavours and spices which Indians are well accustomed with. I am sure they will enjoy the offerings at Arola Mumbai.

Talking about his association with Marriott hotels, he said,

“I also have a long association with Marriott hotels.  India seemed like the perfect option, since I have been toying with the idea of an Asian presence for quite sometime. I have something unique to offer in terms of cuisine and experience, and my first visit to Mumbai, in 2011, proved that Indians could surely have the taste for it.”

The meeting culminated in a cookoff , organised by his Chef Manual Olveira, who has worked closely with him at the Sergi Arola Gastro in Madrid. He specialises in Spanish cooking and has worked at various Michelin-starred restaurants and is today, his right hand man in Mumbai.


Patata Bravas, traditionally is  is topped with garlic aioli and is served with spicy tomato sauce.Since our team was a combination of a Parsi caterer , a home baker and a professional chocolatier, we served it with salli boti sauce and a chocolate garlic aioli as our twist to the bravas. Shocked was Chef Sergi ? Not at all !

Guess what , Chef Arola thought it to be  innovative and most-restaurant styled !


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