Chocolate in all its forms and glory !

An awesome workshop by Chef Varun Inamdar #Thechocolatefactory at Studio Fifteen .

It was attended by a gamut of professionals from varied fields to brush up on their fondness for chocolates.

Basics of chocolate handling , Unusually combining them with ingredients like feta cheese, rucola greens and chillies.


Chocolate Love !
What better than combining two beautifully pairing ingredients and making a finger-licking chocolate ganache !
Passion fruit and Dark chocolate in its playful avatar only at Studio Fifteen in an exclusive workshop by Chef Varun Inamdar on 5th March.

chocolate cherry salad

Getting the flavours, combinations and techniques right time and again, is the essence of working with the magic bean ! And we quite achieved the feat !

basics of chocolate making

A few snapshots from the workshop !

1888654_622679754470148_1422507715_nEnjoy dipping into molten chocolate while working with it. Be playful and see how chocolate works wonders for you.

1904136_622679957803461_1244811789_nNot only do you learn ‘The art of chocolate making’, but the nuances of treating it like a living bean ! 1780762_622679907803466_696129004_nThese workshops are not only about learning how to handle chocolates but to understand the Cocoa bean and allowing it to work for us mellifluously. 1908253_622679917803465_2022254577_n

Come fall in lovewith chocolates all over again !