Punjab Grill presents a unique interpretation of Bar Food, adopting our Indian tradition of accompanying drinks with appetizers, in the form of a promotional event is sure novelty.

Chef Gurpreet Singh and his team at Punjab Grill, presents a very unique interpretation of ‘bar food’. He has put together this delicious menu on bar food that is perfect to give company to any beverage.The menu is designed to encourage conversations, apart from focusing upon eating an entire meal that is set before them. It also derives an inspiration from Spanish tapas, which are appetizers served across cafes and bar tables, alongside drinks, not only in Spain but globally today. Over the years, this modest course of ‘Tapas’ has turned into a full fledged and sophisticated cuisine, in itself.

Chef Gurpreet Singh of Punjab Grill_1

Combining this thought with the essence and magic of North Indian food and giving this customary tradition of serving appetizers and quick bites with drinks is what the chakna menu at Punjab grill is all about and mind you – It is ‘DIL SE DESI’

The thought behind each ‘Chakhna’, its presentation and execution takes the whole experience to the next level.

The team surprises us with a frozen gooseberry margarita which is ‘pogonip’ served in a glass. The freshness of cape gooseberries accentuated with black salt and tequila is quite stellar. The ice fog instantly becomes a conversation starter across the tables.

Rasbhari Margarita

Ganne ka juice margarita has subtle hints of ginger and black salt. Frozen and served with a chip of the cane for us to enjoy it in all its rawness and keep the essence of the ‘local-roadside’ drink intact.

Ganne ka Margarita Pic 2

Old monk, a staunch Punjabi drinker’s potion finds its perfect companion in chatpata rimzim. ‘Niki te Tikhi’ is a mojito redefined with green chillies, dash of khus, mint and lemon squishes. Quite a surprise, as it is one of those non ‘over powering’ drinks. The presence of khus was absolutely justified and minimal. Which worked! ‘Pineapple Thandai’ was served in a rustic copper glass with a handle. A little cumbersome, till we decide to throw the sipping straw aside and drink it like true blue punjabis. We look around shamelessly wiping our upper lips.

Chakhna Platter Pic 2

Pineapple Thandai

Ambarsari Machchi served with desi aloo chips, is one of those thoughtfully presented dishes that makes you think about the upcoming fare as it is served in a mini frying basket lined with ‘Punjab kesari’ newspaper. Crisp and flavourful fish, thoughtful presentation gets full score to the management for giving this appetizer a regional touch.


Chicken Kheema served with fryums instead of the usual Indian breads is spicy, non greasy and succulent, unlike, other varieties you get elsewhere.

Chicken Keema, Fryums

‘Jheenga chownk ki tikki’ is served on bed of spicy masala mattra , which is cooked white peas tossed with mélange of tomatoes, onions and chopped green chillies. The tikki is crisp on the outside with a spicy filling of shrimps.

Prawn ki Tikki


Tandoori kukkad wings baked with barbeque sauce retains its flavours and the tamarind glaze gives it a very Indianised touch. Mutton boti served in a charcoal press, is exemplary and shows how much planning and execution matters to elevate the look of presentation of any plating.


‘Sunny side egg’ encased in a khameeri roti envelope with sweet and sour onion condiment is enjoyed by the kids at the table, as it is their favourite little egg in a different avatar. Anda tawa rice is egg rice tossed with a local chiwda(Tangy Indian puffed rice snack), topped with  fried egg. This is served with a spicy and tangy tamarind broth, which can be completely avoided. The rice is flavourful and wholesome all by itself and wins a reorder !

Anda Tawa Rice


‘Banda Baaja Te Single Malt’ taps deep-forgotten memories and adds the necessary spirit and fervour to the evening. Unfortunately we did not order this but could see friends on adjoining tables honking around to glory with each sip of 12 years old Glenlivet !


‘Mele di Chuski’ is a surprise that the team throws upon you by serving an array of sorbet-candies spiked with vodka. An assiette with flavours of pomegranate, raw mango, orange, jaljeera and lemon is the ultimate show stopper.


Punjab Grill ensures that it’s a fun filled evening and when you are here, you are no way downing the drinks, all by themselves.



Palladium – 21st March to 4th April 2014

Juhu – 22nd March to 5th April 2014