Why buy caramelized white chocolate? You can make it so simply, at home

Lets just talk about the magic that is caramelized white chocolate. Chocolate is roasted in the oven until it turns a beautiful caramel colour. It tastes like caramel and shortbread biscuits, and is really delicious.


The most amazing caramelized white chocolate ready in an hour! Place around 300 grams of white chocolate in a vacuum seal bag. Add 4 cups of water to a pressure cooker and place the sealed bag inside. Lock the pressure cooker (without the whistle) and steam for 45 minutes. Transfer this chocolate to a saucepan and whisk in 100 grams of heavy cream until completely smooth.


Alternately if you are in some mood to get experimental, try the recipe below, it works perfectly well too, with an added zing of cayenne pepper.

80g white chocolate
2 tsp vegetable oil
3 Tbsp cream
Pinch of cayenne pepper


Preheat an oven to 100 degrees Celsius.
On a non-stick baking tray, place the chocolate and cover it with the vegetable oil.
Place the tray in the oven, and after 5 minutes, stir and spread the chocolate with a clean palette knife.
Cook for a further 25 minutes, stirring every 3 to 5 minutes. Don’t let it get too dark, you want a beautiful caramel colour.
(It may look crumbly at a stage, but will eventually smooth out.)

Heat the cream for 20 seconds in the microwave, and add the caramelized white chocolate and stir.
Add a pinch of cayenne pepper. If the mixture hardens before you use it, place it in the microwave for 15 seconds to soften.

You can caramelize the same to varying preferred degrees. I have tried three and I personally prefer the darker one, but however, use all, depending on their applications.


Try this as toppings on cupcakes, dips for doughnuts and churros or as a filling for choux and macarons. It works like magic. Let me know how you use it .

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This article originally appeared on The chocolate factory page on facebook.