Normally a family-run business, passed down through the generations, these shops’ products have gained huge popularity in Macau over the decades as tourist souvenirs.

macau almond cookies

Currently the major producers of such candies are the Koi Kei Bakery and the Choi Heong Yuen Bakery, whose products are visible all across Macau.


Starting off as a cart selling only peanut and ginger candy, Koi Kei has evolved into arguably the most well established bakery in Macau with 13 outlets Islandwide to date, with many outlets present also in Hong Kong. The Bakery offers more than 300 types of products, with a few bestsellers.

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Typically these candied treats consisted of almond cakes, peanut candies, dried meats and small chewy cakes. Additional ingredients for different variations of these include black sesame, coconut shreds and various types of syrups.


The streets leading to Senando Square, all the way from the ruins of St Paul are flooded with bakeries and eateries selling Macanese Snacks and dried food, primarily the famed Almond cookies.


Truth to be told, it was definitely the hoards of people swarming Koi Kei that caught my eye and suggested the shop definitely had something interesting or good to offer.meticulously prepared the almond cookies!


The sole intention of walking into Koi Kei was to have these that every traveller and food connoisseur claims the best in the country.