Only at DD, read the first tag line of this donut giant at inception. And with a few of their signatures on the menu, it would have still been true.


This date, today, will be remembered in the life and times of dough nuts, in India. After 15,000 restaurants in 37 different countries (off which 27 outlets are in Delhi) if Dunkin’ Donuts plans 2 in Mumbai, it is sure a landmark event. Not that Mumbai had a dearth of these fried confectionaries, but DD fans look for their dose of magic whenever they travel. And what it feels to have one in the same town, as where they live, is for them to answer!


Without any exaggeration, abroad, some patrons travel miles for sippin’ onto dunkin’ original drip coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts needs no introduction, here. It is one of global doughnut giants and a coffeehouse chain. It was founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts.


When Dev Amritesh, President and COO, Dunkin’ Donuts India called me and announced the launch of his baby in Mumbai, I could feel the happiness and excitement in his voice. He invited me over to a special Dunkin’ culinary experiential workshop in Mumbai and I had no choice but to reschedule other meetings and hop straight into the coffeehouse and donut(as they call them) shoppe. They have had a successful stint up north and it’s their first venture in  western India taking their restaurant count up to 29.

Commenting on the launch, at the workshop , Dev said, “We are excited to come to Mumbai. Dunkin’ Donuts in India responds to the need of the adult QSR consumers. These are young adults who have outgrown the world of the older QSR’s and find them infantile and basic and are looking for something more evolved and different.”



I completely admire the challenge that he has taken upon his shoulders as a large number of Mumbaikars certainly have these young adult consumers, who will love the change in ambience, taste, texture and VFM. But there is a large number who are not really bothered about the pains a chain would take in getting their beans from a perfectly planned coffee plantation with cherry, orange, cinnamon and vanilla growing around, for the hidden notes in decoctions, like theirs. But are really bothered about quick service initially but a non intrusive one at that, spending lounging hours, during or post college/office hours. That is ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’, fast and ferocious! But whatever said and done, they will welcome DD with open arms, and will surely love them equally.


They have fine tuned their recipes and features over the last two years and have introduced an entire range of signatures which are not just complex and indulgent, but also twisted in a a fun Dunkin’ style. Signatures like Tough guy burger, wicked wrap, stirr’accino coffee, death by chocolate and alive by chocolate, Munchkins, Dunkin’ Green Ice teas are new sensational features.


‘Tough guy burger’ with their chunky and spicy mexican chorizo chicken patty, layers of juicy paprika chicken, fiery mustard sandwiched between rugged and chewy bagel is a sure shot fire through your ears. The vegetarian version has a very unconventional elephant yam patty instead of the , now so over exposed potatoes. It is not at all ordinary!


‘Heaven can wait’ is a sure trip to paradise and back with two chicken patties, fresh cut veggies, delicious warm cheese, creamy chilly mayonnaise and a smack of cheesy jalapeno sauce.



‘Wicked wrap’ has some seriously super spicy morsels of grilled chicken , jalapenos to add some more fire, tanginess of raw mango relish and is loaded with crunchiness of nachos within. And if the spice still wasn’t enough, it had a dose of some smoked chipotle sauce. All of this wrapped in a multigrain tortilla. Just plain wicked. The best part is they leave an option for the faint hearted too, in the form of a ‘Not so wicked’ on the menu too.


‘Stirr’accino’ consists of a reduction of light roasted arabica beans and a full bodied espresso shot separated by a layer of creamy milk, It is their original secret blend for a power coffee experience.

DPP_final000358 DPP_final000357

Dunkin’ Green ice tea is a light aromatic iced tea with the natural essence of green tea. They elevate the whole experience by infusing green tea with young ginger and lemongrass. Goodness in every sip. Fresh, green and iced!


Spiked iced tea has gentle aromas of sweet spiciness of star anise and cinnamon. Will surely be appreciated by the spice lovers.

Here come the hot steppers! Donuts! They make them in all three forms- toroidal, filled and doughnut holes called munchkins, here !


While I have always been in awe of their original soft donuts with a sugar glaze, the other selections aren’t far behind. The classic one has been America’s favourite for 62 years and rightly so!


‘Death By Chocolate’ is a filled doughnut with rich gooey chocolate in the centre and coated with another dose of chocolate, both dark yet bitter sweet! ‘Alive By Chocolate’ is an overload of chocolate filled, topped with a secondary topping of cookie crumbs and another generous drizzle of dark chocolate. Chocolate will awaken all your senses, and you would then realize the reason behind the name. A little bit of too much. 21 signatures- classic, ring and shell are thankfully not warmed by default before serving. They very thoughfully leave that option on request.



Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards for the most admired café and juice bar, was awarded to Dunkin’ Donuts, this year. And if this is the line of though, execution and product range, it deserves the accolades every inch.


America runs on Dunkin’, Mumbai will follow suit, soon!!

Photographs: Varun Inamdar (Except the last two; which are by Dunkin’ Donuts)