On how many occasions does a restaurant-staff engage you in explaining more about the systems, lighting fixtures, movable-magnetic cushions and the whole affair around the circumference of a dinner plate? Not many, especially in a city like Mumbai where no one has time to, even, offer a glass of water when you step into the best of restaurants. Only whence you ask, then you are asked a gamut of maddening questions again. But ‘Dino’ was one such server; whom I shall remember and most certainly go back for. He mellifluously served us at ‘TILT ALL DAY’ which is situated in the bustling party district of Mumbai- Lower Parel.


Not only did he engage us into a healthy conversation but also introduced us to the whole space and lights, off course. I see no harm in the whole engagement, as anyone in his position would be equally excited and more to engage each riding patron to his restaurant.

While I took a little while to spot the place, because I took the longer route to reach the place, it is closest and most-convenient from the back entrance of Kamala mill compound. Once you enter, you are enamoured by the bright yellow lighting, orange and blue cushions, high ceilings and large empty spaces, with no pun intended. The place is relatively emptier than we expect it to be but, we take that positively, as it meant more attention to our table.

IMG_5334.CR2‘The Busride studio’ has designed the space and, may I say, “very well designed and mood -lit” considering the moods and entertainment structured around varied concepts of lightning. It is basically an ‘everything for everybody’ kind of concept. We are informed about the corporate lunches for businessmen, quick bites, drinks, vibes, lights and music for the youth, a VIP enclosure worth a minimum of 75,000 spent value, dinner-style booths for families/ groups and high stools for the ones who wish to enjoy their drinks by the bartender’s shaker.IMG_5328.CR2

We straight charge upon vodka based-‘Perfect storm’ with limoncini liqueur, passion fruit juice, lime juice, sugar syrup and kiwi pulp. It was sweet and more on the lines of a ‘parting drink’. ‘Blueberry Mojito’, one of their signatures, was a buildup of Captain Morgan spiced rum, sugar, lime wedges, mint leaves and some frozen blueberries. Plain Simple (Period). ‘The Pink Panther’ which is a combination of Jose Cuervo Gold tequila, grape fruit juice, orange juice, cranberry juice is lost in the sweet-bitterness. We attempt at mixing the three above in a ratio and make a complex cocktail which is now probably highly intense and overloaded but we prefer this than the former three. ‘Food for thought’ for the bartender though. While we gather ourselves over the taste, the selling prices would get anyone’s pulse racing.

IMG_5326.CR2For the starters, we order the very passable Arabic mezze with baba-ghanoush, falafel, hummus, labneh and some za’atar pita bread. While the hummus is a savior, rest of the platter was a mere justification to the name, nothing beyond that. What came out tops from Chef Aniruddha Bandekar’s kitchen was the juicy and succulent ‘Chargrilled Prawns’ served on a bed on Taboulleh which was perfect.







Crab cakes, came in next, which reminded my friend of aloo tikkis. And sadly so, even tasted like them. Pulled beef on a crisp baguette was overtly sweet and great for someone who likes meat dunked in pomegranate reduction. For me, I would rather shift gears to the mains, on my next visit, as they have some exceptional inclusions in their newly curated menu.IMG_5342.CR2

This is one of those few restaurants in the city to have a ‘Surf and Turf’ on their menu. A huge portion with fillet mignon, baby lobster, mushroom risotto and wasabi mash for a whopping INR 1800.Worth its meat, had the lobster been fresh. But we give it ‘benefit of the doubt’ and blame it on the triggering monsoon. Also, price revision can boost its sales.






Baby back ribs braised in barbeque sauce and corn on the cob re-instills our faith into Chef Bandekar’s skills. Green tea infused Scottish salmon served over leek and asparagus fondue and wasabi potato mash is a classic example of ‘too much on a plate’. I wished he rather stuck to either of the accompanying starches, while I prefer the fondue better.

IMG_5373.CR2While we talk to the chef, he surprises us with some desserts, on our table. Their rich decadent chocolate cake was lovely, rich and gooey, despite being chilled. ‘Chocolate lava shot’ served in an espresso cup does not surprise us with its goodness as it comes with its sensuous name.







Overall, ‘Tilt All Day’ is cool, vibrant and classy. A piece of advice to one’s waiting to visit- “Come prepared with your ‘spent-value’ sorted, to avoid being stupefied.”