Here is one of the recipes, I have been wanting to share with you for the longest time. But, like I said, I like to try recipes over and over again using many combinations and measures in my kitchen, before I share with you.

header3This recipe has stayed with me for some months on the refining stage and here it goes.Strawberry__Rosewater_Kulfi_Main  It is my all-time favourite ‘Kulfi’ which gets a fanciful twist today. ‘Kulfi’ for the uninitiated is a very conventional Indian dessert made by freezing flavoured evaporated milk. Here is a contemporary twist to the age old dynamite. Try this with a red wine high on tannin and one which has sweet undertones, as milk, khoya, figs and sugar will counterbalance the characters of its dry nature.

(Serves 4)

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 45 minutes

Inactive time: 6-8 hours (freezing time)


750 ml  milk + 3 tbsps extra

100 grams khoya

3 tbsp grain sugar

1 tbsp corn flour

200 grams fresh figs

500 ml red wine

20 almonds, blanched and sliced

1 inch stick cinnamon


  1. In a pan, heat red wine along with cinnamon stick till reduced to a syrup like consistency. Discard the cinnamon and chill.
  2. Heat an oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Roast figs in the same for 15 minutes
  3. Cool both and reserve till further use.
  1. In a pan, heat milk and reduce till roughly 500 ml.
  2. Grate the khoya and add to it. Dissolve corn flour in 3 tbsp milk and make slurry.
  3. Add this to the boiling milk and stir constantly. Add sugar and stir till dissolved.
  4. Cool this thickened mixture.4897362615_abaa73c729_b
  1. Roughly chop the roasted figs and mix in the chilled milk mixture. Stir in the wine reduction.
  2. Pour the mixture in kulfi moulds or freezer box till well frozen.
  3. Enjoy frozen.

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