None of my trips to Goa are complete without gorging onto this baked cake. It is a layered specialty which is sometimes also referred to as a pudding. Whatever the name, whatever the category, a bebinca is a bebinca. This instantly brings back memories of my childhood. My grandmother made this traditional 16-layered cake for the entire family, whatever the occasion.

While this is a long process with constant monitoring of the caramelization, I would sit by her, ardently, in the kitchen as she would dish out quick pancakes, just to tackle the irritating me who just wouldn’t wish to wait that long.

Sharing this heirloom recipe, exclusively for you peeps. Enjoy and let, me know how you like it.


250 grms refined flour

700 ml coconut extract, fresh please.

300 grams grain sugar

24 nos egg yolks

350 ml melted ghee


Mix the coconut milk and sugar together and stir till the sugar dissolves completely.

In another bowl, whisk the egg yolks till creamy. Do not fluff them.

Stir in the sieved flour and mix well. Make sure it is lump-free.

At 220 degrees Celsius, switch the oven setting to the top grill. Preheat a bake pan and add in a tablespoon of ghee. Follow it up with a ladle of the batter. (preferably, ½ cm thick layer)

Bake till the top turns golden brown.

Add another tablespoon of ghee and  another ladle of batter. Bake again till the top turns golden.

Repeat the process till 16 layers or till the entire batter is all used up. If you forget the count or wish to savour it at any layer, stop instantly 😉

Remember to top the top most caramelized layer with melted ghee.

No garnish. Simply get it off the bake pan and relish warm.

Food Photography: Piyush Singh

Food Styling: Varun Inamdar

Food Studio: Food-E:Culinary Experts.