Sizzlers, smoke, spice and the sound of good music, bundle them all up and Mumbaikar’s are in for a month-long multi-sensory experience at Hard Rock Cafe. Well, we got luckier on a Wednesday evening, as 2blue, a dear friend, rocked the experience several notches higher, like he always does.


Food on such evenings is just an add-on. And rightly so, as no one ever visits HRC for food. Not atleast in my circles. HRC is never a diner’s first choice. It is undoubtedly, exclusively for the ones who are out for an evening to cherish and remember.

Hard Rock Cafe - MumbaiThis month ( from 22nd February -19th March 2015 to be precise),you will be treated to a chance to savour the exotic delicacies and tempting drinks along with fascinating entertainment, as part of the celebrations for the ‘SIZZLE’ Festival. The ones who like it hot can relish the specially put together menu comprising of an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sizzlers, with a contemporary blend of flavours. Coupled with entertainment that will make you shake a leg as the bar-rockers take to the floor and literally sizzle. Look forward to a sizzling journey of exotic food, drinks and music, in true Hard Rock Cafe style.

The unique fiesta will tantalize your taste buds with a large spread of classic and delectable dishes sizzled to absolute perfection such as Smoked Chipotle Pepper, Lime and Tequila Prawns, Hungarian Steak Stew, Lebanese Veg Fajita, Herb Lemon Crusted Chicken Scallopini and much more.DPP_8009

I tried lime and tequila prawns (550 INR) , which were mildly spiced with smoked chipotle pepper served with pico de galo, perfectly balanced with a cheesy mash and buttered parsley rice. You may just wish to inform the server to spike with some more of their drool-worthy smoked chipotle.DPP_8010

Herbed lemon chicken scallopini (475 INR) was an ultimate ‘jungle mix’ And I call it so, for it gets you the world on a platter. Right from French scallopini, smoky Italian oregano tossed vegetables, fondue sauce, Mexican corn strips to black bean mousse. A lot of confusion, but like I said earlier, do you visit HRC for the flavour combinations and technically correct food? I don’t and I never will. When it is Hard Rock Café, it is about the experience. For once, food flavours, combinations and plating can happily take a back seat.


The boys-Tushar and Murtuza, at Hard Rock Cafe ensured a rockin’ time as they douse you into  specially crafted Bacardi cocktails like Smoked Bacardi Gold Sour, Great Eastern Daiquiri, Smoked apple pie, Rum Punch and Old Fashioned. I tried some of some on Tushar’s insistence and loved the Smoked apple pie(375 INR) and Old Fashioned (400 INR). ‘Great Eastern Diaquiri’ (325 INR) did not tickle my senses, but would be great for someone in love with mango, chilli and cilantro as a combination.


Well Wednesday being karaoke, you can sizzle on as the DJs spin some groovy ‘rock n retro’ tunes on other days. Not to miss the electrifying live performances by bands that battle out to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform at a global stage in Barcelona, every Thursday.

Indulge yourself in the Sizzling experience of food, drinks and entertainment to enjoy the exciting nightlife scenes at Hard Rock Cafe. Enjoy the spirit of festivity, sizzling food and drinks and a rocking music which will lighten up your experience at the Sizzle Festival at Hard Rock Cafe

Sizzler Festival

22nd February -19th March 2015