“Beers with a purpose. Beers with a story. Beers with originality. Imaginatively brewed by people who are passionate about hand-crafted beer.” And that’s what announces Mumbai’s very own Gateway brewing company.SummerSault Session IPA

Well, if you are not fond of beers, these guys make sure you fall in love with it. May be not instantly, but surely it grows on you. And next time you order a beer in a pub, thank them silently.


After delighting their fans galore with their anniversary special ‘The Explorer’, Mumbai-based pioneers of craft beer, Gateway Brewing Co (GBC) is back with ‘SummerSault’ Session IPA (India Pale Ale, for the uninitiated). And this one is made to be ridiculously easy to drink in the summer. Well, knowingly a little late in the summers, but who cares, why not try it this monsoon?

A good load of GBC’s in-house caramel malt provides that malty backbone required in any IPA, while an all-American hop matched with a quintessential Indian spice gives a distinct citrus and pine aroma.


I met Navin Mittal, Co-Founder, Gateway Brewing Co. speaks so passionately that he literally gulps 2 glasses while talking and makes sure you accompany him. He reminisces, “Gateway has released 6 different types of craft beers that gave everyone a chance to experience the joy of what beer can be. We upped the game further with our anniversary limited edition brew, ‘The Explorer’. Why stop? And hence, ‘SummerSault’ is being launched with the sessionability of a great pilsner and the punch of an IPA. This beer will make your tongue performs acrobats that you didn’t know it could.”

White Zen

‘SummerSault’ Session IPA is going to be made available in four bars across Mumbai to begin with. Known for it’s locally sourced and specialty roasted malts, Gateway Brewing Co has ensured that no stone has been left unturned for brewing ‘SummerSault’ Session IPA.

Style: India Pale Ale

ABV: >5%

Hops: Cascade, Indian Spice

Malts: Base Malt, GBC Crystal

Well, you can read about their other ranges too, if you wish so.

White Zenwhite-zen-logo1

It is a word play on how this beer is pronounced in Germany – Hefeweizen “hay-fuh-veyt-szenn” The first wheat beer under our ROOTS series, this German inheritance is one which shouldn’t be meddled with. Like Zen, it involves dropping all illusion and seeing things without distortion. Having been brewed to style, bearing hints of clove and banana which makes for an enjoyable and easy beer to drink, this wheat beer only re-establishes the fact that if enlightenment was ever served on tap, it would taste like this.

Style: German Style Wheat Beer


Hops: Hallertauer

Malts: Base Malt, Wheat Malt


It is a German word which literally translates to “Double Walker”- A person that is almost a ghostly double of another. This beer, inspired from a classic German dunkelweizen, is strangely familiar to its predecessor, White Zen, with spice and fruit on its nose. But its dark appearance, malty character and luscious mouth-feel, brought about by our proprietary dark wheat malt, take your palate in a completely different direction.If you believe everything worth doing is worth doing again, then this beer is liquid poetry.

Style: German Style Dunkelweizen (Dark Wheat)


Hops: Hallertauer

Malts: Base Malt, Wheat Malt, GBC Dark

West Coast IPAWest-Coast-IPA-Logo-Artwork-1-3

The India Pale Ale is indeed a classic of the British Raj that has literally travelled everywhere. IPA has a distinctive pine & citrus aroma that is enhanced by generously dry-hopping the beer. It is our post-modern take on the classic flavours of our flagship India Pale Ale. With factually more hops and bitterness than any other beer brewed in the country, it makes for one incredible joyride.

Style: West Coast India Pale Ale


Hops: Magnum, Aurora

Malts: Base Malt, GBC Crystal, GBC Biscuit

India Pale Aleipa-logo

It can only be correctly described as the love child of the British Raj. Born out of reason rather than intention, the documented stories of its beginnings are probably as profound and controversial as the story of our freedom struggle itself.Inspired from the style which was first brewed by the British for their troops in India in the 1820’s, the IPA has only evolved. With pine, tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose, the palate soon becomes assertive, which is balanced by our proprietary biscuit malts, leaving you with a bitter – sweet finish and hops emerging over the warming alcohol.Having been born and raised at sea, this beer was an explorer right from the start, and like every true adventurer has experienced, this is its home coming.

Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)

ABV: >5%

Hops: Cascade,Magnum

Malts: Base Malt, GBC Biscuit, GBC Crystal

Lost Monday

It is a tradition exclusive to the Antwerp region of Belgium. It’s a celebration of Sunday followed by taking an unpaid vacation on Monday.This beer, with fruit & spice on the nose & a crisp finish, is subtle but has hints of alcohol that a Belgian style Golden Ale warrants. Sometimes, it is good to just sit back, collect your thoughts and do absolutely nothing. This is your vacation in a glass!

Style: Belgian Style Golden Ale

ABV: >5%

Hops: Magnum

Malts: Base Malt