Over the past couple of years, the coffee culture has rampantly taken over Melbournians. For the discerning coffee drinkers, they still favor a cup of espresso and its variations. Some cafés even offer a tantalizing array of alternatives, including syphons, filters and French pressed coffee and Melbourne for uninitiated has over 2000 cafes alone. Surprised? Don’t be! Every day, on an average, Port of Melbourne handles a flow of 30 tonnes of coffee beans.Artistic take

Tourism Victoria recently flew down a master barista, the multiple world latte art champion-Ben Morrow to India for a beautiful and interactive coffee-art performance, in association with Harun Robert.

Checking crushed coffee beansThis initiative truly brought to life Melbourne’s Coffee Café culture in Mumbai for the first time. Indeed an immersive, bustling and full of ‘coffee-chatter’ experience, punctuated with some aromatic coffees.


At the event Tourism Victoria personified the average consumer’s love for coffee by showcasing some vivacious renowned art and culture through two acclaimed artists, fondly known as Ben and Rob.

DPP_8012 DPP_8015 Creativity took a heightened leap when the two engaged extensively with guests. The performance saw master latte artist Ben Morrow create art on top of latte foam; not just that, it bore elements of Melbourne such as the city skyline, cricket, and much more.  He drew the attendees in to a state of pure enthrallment with his creativity. Rob, on the other hand, took control of the coffee canvas and in sync with Ben, designed one masterpiece after another nuanced with hints of Melbourne city, penguins from Philip Island, City Circle Tram with the Flinders Street station at the backdrop. Spectacular!


What drew my attention, apart from this entire spectacle, was the lesser spoken about ‘Coffee appreciation’ session. The mesmerizing coffee aroma left us asking for more. Coffee beans from St. Ali were freshly crushed and steeped in hot water. The rest as he announced was orgasmic. Any coffee lover would scream in agreement. Who wouldn’t with a Brazilian coffee with notes of a chocolate cake and raspberry jam? My clear favourite of the lot.

DPP_8039 DPP_8037 DPP_8036 DPP_8029 DPP_8024 DPP_8023 DPP_8019

With an event like so, I wish Tourism Victoria continues to partake in and present occasions encompassing signature elements of The State of Victoria, globally and more often in the city of dreams, for sure. Well, the pictures say it all!