Chocolate Pave

Chocolate in any form rings a bell in our minds. Doesn’t it? I have been trying and experimenting with the cocoa bean for over a decade professionally now. Creating new recipes, conducting workshops, assisting attendees appreciate chocolates in various forms is what I am born for, atleast that’s what I believe so 😉Choc-Ganache-Graded-5045-652x978

Many moons back, I  had chanced upon this beautiful recipe. It is called a chocolate pave. Pavé is the French word for “paving stone.” Chocolate pavés are very rich, smooth and dense. I had recently re created this for an event organized by Suprio Bose for his mellifluous and very engaging food blog. One of the most active food groups in our country- Mumbai Food Freak


Well, enough of my stories. Here is the recipe which , trust me is absolutely brilliant and if you are a chocolate lover, this will finish as soon as it is out of the oven.

Chocolate Pave


Castor sugar – 328 grams

Eggs- 3.5 nos

Chocolate chips dark- 328 grams

Cocoa powder- 18 grams

Flour- 100 grams

Walnuts(finely crushed) – 300 grams

Melted butter- 200 grams



Whip sugar and eggs together till the sugar dissolves and the mixture gets lightly foamy

Sieve the flour and cocoa powder together. Stir in chocolate chips and crushed walnuts.

Fold in the dry ingredients along with the foamy egg mixture.

Stir in melted butter

Pour the mixture in small cake tins or a small tray and level it

Bake at 160 degrees celsius for 30 minutes

Serve it with a pure vanilla Ice cream or eat it just plain. The experience can be summed up with one single word. Magical.Haywards (18)

(Images are purely for representation and not actual)

Photo courtesy:, Dailytelegraph, snigskitchen, Caterer sydney.