Ming Yang as a restaurant has been a standing testimony to exquisite and true fine-dine Chinese cuisine in Mumbai. It has been vowing discerning palates with the most exquisite flavours of fine Chinese for many years now. Five months back, we were the last ones to walk out of this restaurant, only to be announced towards are desserts that they would be shutting, only to open soon post renovation.

Ming Yang 1

Five months, then seemed like a long gap, considering the wife and I dine here once atleast every month. Then after the not- so very long wait of five months in which so many things have happened on professional and personal front that it just seemed like yesterday. One big professional leap has been my journey from being a chef on the cooking range to now being an author. Have been travelling to promote it to Pan India, only to have found praises and smiling ear to ear. In a very happy space currently and am looking forward to more and more happiness not just for myself, but for everyone in food business.

Thankfully so, Ming Yang is back with the Master craftsman Chef David Yui Kwong with his beautifully crafted diverse menu panning Shanghai, Beijing, Szechwan and Canton with some intensive research post some interesting travels to China and the South East Asian region. The new avatar now boasts of some timeless classics( Ming Yang Chicken and Crispy Fried Sichuan Chilli Potato), new ‘soon-to-be-classics’, delicate dimsums, mains and desserts accompanied with a cute little tea room with 19 variants to start with.

Signature Dish 1

From the new range dim sums, we tried Chicken Sesame Kothe, Butternut Squash Dumpling, and the delicate and succulent Prawn Cheung Fun which are soon going to captivate one’s minds and soul. Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with Pickled Chilli and Vegetable Thou-Sou are some of the other stellars, However I personally would have liked the pickle spicier.

The menu design and breakup looks has been done to ensure that there is an abundance of choice for the vegetarian patrons. Almost 40% of the range is dedicated to the now rejoicing vegetarian patrons. From that range my current favourites would be Radish Roll and Choi-Sum with Fresh Shitake Mushroom in Oyster Sauce.

 No Chinese meal is ever truly complete without a perfect pairing of fragrant and delicate Chinese tea witMing Yang 2h the food. Ming Yang tea menu introduces 19 different varieties including the brick like beautiful black tea – ‘Pu erh’. To elevate the entire gastronomic experience, food is served in elegant Narumi crockery with delicate ivory and wooden chopsticks and hints of embedded oyster shell.

The extensive cocktail menu introduces a contemporary twist to authentic flavours and presented with great finesse using artisanal ice. Don’t forget to try their signature cocktails which are now served with artisanal ice cubes, bulbs, sticks and cuboids. And some cigar smoked drinks, too, would steal your breath.

Signature Dish 2Adding to this amazing culinary experience is the contemporary and new look of Ming Yang, which allows diners to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Arabian Sea from anywhere in the restaurant.

P.S: More on that one special tea, that deserves a special mention – ‘Pu erh’, in my upcoming post.