“Have you eaten our Union Club sandwich yet ?” is quiet a historic question!  This is the question that was flashed all across the New York city. Classically it is made up of two toasted pieces of Graham Bread ( A home style bread variety made with coarsely ground wheat) with a layer of turkey or chicken and ham between them, served warm.

A club house sandwich as it is originally called, is made up of sliced meat, bacon, tettuce, tomato, mayonnaise often cut and served as  into quarters held together by cocktail sticks. Modern versions frequently have two layers which are separated by an additional slice of toasted bread, though this is not a required feature of the sandwich, however, most identifiable world over.

Here is my take on this American Classic!

Ingredients to make one person happy! Use recipe according to the number of people you wish to serve your creation to
3 nos White loaf slices
2 tbsp home made mayonnaise
2 tbsp Dijon mustard paste
2 tbsp salted butter
1 no. roast chicken breast
1 no ripe tomato
1/2 bulb iceberg / your choice of lettuce
Few strips of bacon
1 no Egg
Skewers/ Cocktail sticks

– Apply butter on the both sides of the bread and toast it on medium flame.
– In the same pan fry some bacon until its crisp
– Sprinkle some salt & pepper on the chicken slices and fry the chicken in the rendered bacon fat, fry until it turns golden brown and once done apply some mustard and pepper over it.
– In the same pan, fry eggs and season well.
– Smear some homemade mayonnaise & ground mustard onto the bread slice.
– Place crisp bacon strips over it then continue placing crisp lettuce, tomato slices. Season as you go!
– Place the next bread slice over it then pcontinue with marinated chicken slices and fried egg.
– Place the last bread slice over it and insert the skewers in the sandwich and now cut the sandwich into quarters. Serve with some generous thick cut home made fries and a dollop of coleslaw!!!

Here is my ‘ULTIMATE’ Club Sandwich video

Courtesy: The Bombay Chef | Chef Varun Inamdar | Rajshri Food