I am super sure you have enjoyed my Detox Chia Pudding. Well, your emails and personal messages make me feel even better. Here following your feedback and requests I wish to share with you another kick ass recipe to kick out all the toxins you may have accumulated over the last 15 days!

My Ultimate Detox Soup is a  hearty mix of green leaves for a chlorophyll boost for ease of digestion and fiber, mung beans for absorbing toxic residue, citrus for flushing out toxins, omega 3 oils to lubricate the intestines and green tea for its required catechins. Overall the ingredients are a healthy mix of ingredients which are widely available across the globe and of GLO-CAL nature. Do share your love as always!


1 cup spinach, cleaned and roughly cut

½ cup arugula leaves, cleaned and roughly cut

½ avocado, stoned and roughly chopped

1 cup orange juice

Juice of 1 lemon

1 tbsp pumpkin seeds

1 cup green melon, diced

3 tbsp mung beans,

1 tbsp green tea

For garnish

Garden Mint leaves

Pomegranate kernels

1 tbsp flax seeds oil

Crumbled walnuts


Run all ingredients in a blender to a fine puree with a few cubes of ice

Do not strain.

Serve as soon as prepared.

Top with mint leaves, flax seeds oil, pomegranate kernels, crumbled walnuts.

Photo Courtesy: Piyush Singh Charag