Frio is actually such a unique word! It is possibly one of those few words which don’t have any legitimate trailing history. Some say it is an Old Potuguese word , Some call it Spanish while some relate it to the Vulgar Latin ( Non Classical Latin) word fridus. Whatever said and done, it is a word that could mean Cold, Frozen, chilled which could be a subjective perception of low temperatures. img-20161128-wa0033

Over the last few years a lot of words like Frappe, Slushie, Granita, Brain-Freeze and even Frozen Hot Chocolate. Whatever these meant. But what tops the list is Tuxedo Mocha.

It’s made with espresso, classic mocha sauce and white chocolate mocha sauce (tuxedo-style, get it?) and steamed milk, then topped with whipped cream, mocha drizzle and chocolate curls.


In the middle of all this craze, someone in the USA started something called a Frio which is Cold Chocolate milkshake served with drizzles of chocolate sauce and a dollop of churned cream. This thought inspired me to convert this drink that has taken the youth by storm into a full fledged dessert! So here, comes the hot stepper – Chocolate Frio Mousse

Dedicated to Ricky Martin, for his 2011 chart buster album 😉

Location courtesy: Sheila Raheja College of Hospitality studies| Bandra | Mumbai

Event: India Cake Fest | Season 2


Chocolate Frio Mousse
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The mousse | Ingredients
400 gms condensed milk
200 gms unsweetened
200 gms mango puree
400 gms 70 % dark chocolate grated
400 gms whipped cream


Roll-boil water in a deep pan. Immerse unopened cans of condensed milk. Cover and cook for 2 hours. You may have to keep adding water as it evaporates.
Reserve the cooked condensed milk till the can cools down to manageable temperature. Open the can and scoop out the baked condensed milk into a bowl.
Add mango puree to the same and heat the mixture till it just begins to simmer.
Pour over grated chocolates and stir till the chocolates just about melts. Immerse a stick blender and blend till into a smooth homogenous mixture.
Fold in whipped cream and reserve over an ice bath constantly stirring till the mousse chills completely.


The Sesame brittle | Ingredients
200 gms castor sugar
25 gms toasted white sesame seeds
25 gms toasted black sesame seeds


In a pan, heat castor sugar till golden brown in colour.
Pour over a silpat spoon by spoon.
Top each with toasted white and black sesame seeds.
Allow to cool till it sets like a crisp brittle.


The final assembly | Requirements
10-12 Brandy Snifter glasses
200 gms 70 % dark chocolate
200 gms whipped cream (medium peaks)
Fresh fruits

Spoon by spoon scoop the  mousse into the glass.
Top with whipping cream
Arrange the reserved sesame brittle, grated dark chocolate, fresh fruits and enjoy chilled.

Picture Courtesy:  Piyush Singh Charag

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