This year, USA Pears showcased its sumptuous taste at the India Food Forum with some exciting activities. The event was attended by Mr. Keith Sunderlal, India Representative of USA Pears who shared some exiting facts about USA Pears. This event was also graced by Consul General, Thomas L. Vajda, US Consulate, Mumbai accompanied by Foreign Agricultural Service Area Director, Cynthia Guven, USA and Adam Branson, Senior Agriculture Attaché, US Consulate Mumbai.
I was invited to create some quick and easy recipe by using USA Pears at India Food Forum , orchestrated at MMRDA Ground Bandra Kurla Complex . I was more than happy as these dignitaries also jumped in to be of assistance in the live kitchen and added some trivia which kept the audience engaged. 
About USA Pears :
The Pear Bureau Northwest was established in 1931 as a non-profit marketing organization to promote, advertise and develop markets for fresh pears grown in Oregon and Washington. Pears from these two Northwest states are distributed under the USA Pears brand. Combined, Oregon and Washington comprise the nation’s largest pear producing region. They produce approximately 84% of all fresh pears grown in the United States, and more than 94% of all winter pears. They also account for 92% of America’s fresh pear exports.The 1,600 growers and 50 packers and shippers represented by the Pear Bureau Northwest take pride in their ability to produce top-quality fresh USA Pears for the world market. Fresh pears are a delicious and popular fruit choice among consumers of all ages and worldwide consumption of USA Pears is increasing every year.
What I created was such a stunner to put it in all honesty. A combination so rare yet so classy. Something as earthy and nuanced as truffle paired with the fruity over tones of USA Pears! And that too with Caramel and Chocolate. It is pure magic and a flavor bomb, indeed. Try it for yourself. ( We forgot to click pictures of the final product as it disappeared in just a few seconds after plating . You catch see a glimpse of the same in the thumbnail though.)
Truffle Pear Torte 

Ingredients for the torte base:

Refined flour – 200 grams

Chilled Butter – 100 grams

Castor sugar – 50 grams

Milk – 30 ml


In a bowl, crumble together sugar, butter and flour.

Add milk and bind together.

Cover and refrigerate for 15-30 minutes.

Line a 6 inch tart mould with the dough and prick with a fork.

Bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.


Caramelized pear jelly:


Castor Sugar – 60 gms

Maple syrup – 3 tbsp

USA Pears – 2 nos

Water – ½ cup

Black truffle – 1 no

Gelatine leaves – 2 nos

Vanilla pod – 1 no

Ice cubes – 1 kg


In a pan, caramelise sugar till golden brown.

Add peeled and chopped pears along with water, maple syrup, scraped vanilla beans and chopped truffles.

Cook till the pears turn golden brown and absorb all flavour.

Stir in bloomed gelatine leaves and cool over ice cubes.


Chocolate Ganache


Finely Grated Dark chocolate 70% – 250 grams

Dairy Cream – 75 ml

Fine Sea salt – a pinch

Gold flakes – 1 bottle

Edible flowers – 1 pkt


Heat cream till it simmers.

Pour over grated chocolate.

Stir till it completely melts.


On top of the baked torte, pour the caramelized pear jelly. Tap till even and set well. Once set, pour chocolate ganache. Spread unevenly and top with gold flakes and edible flowers.