Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is the country’s largest multicultural festival, taking place in February each year in Mumbai! I debuted this year at the festival with my recipe creation that I knew everyone would instantly fall in love with for many reasons. One reason being quickness. Two because it contains chocolate as one of the key ingredients. Three because it is the season’s first alphonso mango recipe in public domain. Four because it contains meetha paan. and Five, because it is made by me in an extremely easy way! So go all out and impress your family.

Here are also some images from the evening! Browse till the end of the page to find your recipe of My Bombay Toastie! This debut performance became even more special, as my Rajshri Food team that has gifted ‘The Bombay chef’ to the world, covered it live on Facebook so that my fans and followers all across could view me cooking live from Mumbai!

Recipe- The Bombay Toastie

12 slices white sandwich bread | You could choose any variety
1 cup nutella | Any chocolate spread
Bowl of sliced strawberries + Some fresh alphonso mangoes
2 Meetha Paan (pureed to fine paste)

2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 tbsp vanilla essence

Sugar mix
5 tbsp castor sugar
1 tbsp ground cinnamon

For Assembly
50 gms butter for frying
Mint leaves for garnish

1)Remove the crust from the bread.
2)Using a rolling pin, flatten out each piece of bread.
3)Spread the paan puree and chocolate spread onto the bread. Place 2-3 pieces of strawberries and roll the bread up tightly. Alternate some with mangoes too.
4) Place seam side down while you make the rest.
5)Whisk the eggs, milk and vanilla together in a shallow bowl and reserve for further use.
6)Combine the sugar with the cinnamon on a small plate and keep aside.
7)Heat a skillet set over medium heat and melt some butter.
8)Take each roll and dip into the egg mixture, coating completely and place them in the pan with its seam side down.
10) Cook until golden brown on all sides.
11) Remove and roll them into cinnamon sugar
12) Serve while still warm with some more strawberries, mangoes with some mint leaves thrown in.