I have lived for 2 years in Delhi when I studied at Oberoi Center of Learning and Development and trust me, Keventers was one brand that kept us going. Our vist to Connaught Place was defined by a kebab roll from Kareem’s topped up with milkshake from Keventers. We swore by the size of the large milk bottles that they serev the sjake in.

Keventers is a legacy brand known for their milkshakes that date back to 1925. The dairy plant was later acquired by the Dalmia Group in 1940. After this point, things began to escalate quickly. As the city of New Delhi grew and changed. As the city of New Delhi grew and changed, so did the area of Chanakyapuri, in which the factory was located. It became a prime diplomatic area. Keventers therefore was no longer allowed to run its dairy factory there.

In 2014, the company under the trio of Agastya Dalmia, Aman Arora and hospitality consultant Sohrab Sitaram, decided to revamp and reintroduce the brand with a new look and feel. They opened their first outlet in South Delhi and that marked the arrival of the brand new Keventers on the map.

Keventers is India’s iconic milkshake brand and a re-inventor of the milkshake that has “shaken up” the cold dessert market place with a total so far of 90 outlets across India. At present, Keventers has outlets across Delhi/NCR, Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab, Maharashtra, Bangalore and Jammu and Kashmir. The brand has recently opened its first international outlet in Nepal and will be opening soon in Kenya, Dubai, Sharjah, California, Sweden, Maldives and Malaysia through its franchise model.

This Holi, except them to stir up some unique flavours which resonate festivities in every sip.

The mention of Holi indeed conjures up an image of vivid colours and memories, but what is Holi without a cool and chilled glass of Thandai? Keventers, India’s own home-grown iconic milkshake brand, is introducing a few flavours of their own this season of Holi. Celebrate Holi this time with their newly launched limited edition flavours of Thandai, and Kesar Badam.

Embracing the spirit of Holi, Keventers is launching these flavours that capture the essence of Holi across outlets in India, and Nepal on ‘Holi’ day. The rich Thandai milkshake contains the goodness of our beloved ol’ homely ingredients of clove, fennel, black pepper, rose petals, and cardamom along with creamy ice cream. On the other hand, Kesar Badam contains the lush flavours of saffron and almonds. The Thandai and Kesar Badam milkshakes will be available at our outlets, in limited edition Holi themed milkman bottles full of splashes of colours.

This Holi, enjoy the colours and festivities while reliving your memories of childhood with Keventers milkshake.

Happy Holi. Be safe. Play safe.